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The Vail Social is Back

After a year of distance, we’re thrilled to be able to come back together for the 2021 Vail Social community potluck. This year’s event is sure to have a special resonance as we bring a renewed appreciation for the things that matter most – our family, our friends, our health and our community.

So make plans to be a part of this special gathering of the Vail community during a magical evening in the heart of Vail Village!

“I enjoyed the casual atmosphere, positive energy, bringing back the nostalgia of Vail and what makes this community so unique and special.” – 2019 Vail Social attendee

While details are still being finalized for the 2021 Vail Social, the format will draw upon the success of the inaugural event in 2019. Outdoor seating will be provided, eight to a table, with community members signing up as “table hosts.” Each host will organize who will join them at their table as well as coordinate their potluck menu.

Table reservations will be made available soon and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Presented by the Town of Vail, the 2021 Vail Social is being coordinated in close communication with public health officials to keep our community safe.

The event is free and will be held rain or shine.

“It was wonderful to see everyone I haven’t seen in forever! The comradery was amazing! It was very special.” – 2019 Vail Social attendee 

About Vail Social

Vail Social revitalizes community events of old in Vail. The mostly unstructured, low-key atmosphere provides an opportunity to come together in a festive and welcoming environment to celebrate everything we love about the place we call home. See familiar faces, bring a special dish to share and revel in an event where everyone is welcome.

How to participate

Either choose to host a table for 8 people or ask to sit at someone’s table on the Vail Social Facebook group page.


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Join our Vail Social Facebook group.

What will be provided to hosts


Table and chairs for groups of 8 people

Table covering

8 complimentary reusable bamboo cutlery sets

Water will be provided (bring reusable bottles)

Wagons to help carry things from your car

Recycle and zero-waste stations

Complimentary beer and wine tokens


What hosts will need to bring


Bring your 8 people, children are welcome

Food and non-alcoholic drinks

Compostable or reusable plates,
bowls, cups and napkins

Serving utensils

Table decorations

Entertainment: Rednor Eaton Duo

Beloved local music duo, Scott Rednor and Rob Eaton, will take the stage to add to the fun and community atmosphere of the Vail Social community potluck. Their musical stylings focus on acoustic interpretations of everyone’s favorite classics with outstanding vocal harmonies, rhythmic looping and dual guitar leads.

Scott Rednor (Dean Ween Group/Brothers Keeper)
Rob Eaton, Jr. (Brothers Keeper)

Contests & Prizes

This year we are awarding tables who have gone above and beyond. Mayor Dave Chapin and Vail Town Council member Travis Coggin will be in charge of the judging. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here are the categories:

  • Best costumes
  • Most spirited
  • Best spread (food)
  • Best place settings
  • Most multi-generational
  • MVP

More Cowbell Please

It’s tradition! Make sure to pack your cowbell in your picnic basket because what’s a Vail event without a little cowbell?


Vail Social Community Potluck, 9-20-21








Sustainability at the Vail Social

The 2021 Vail Social is celebrating green as a zero waste, sustainable event! The Vail Social is implementing the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle adage by providing durable, reusable, and compostable items at the event.

  • Each attendee will receive a set of bamboo cutlery that can be taken home. Toss them in your car or purse and next time you are at an event or restaurant that serves single use silverware, politely decline them, and whip out the handy bamboo silverware instead.
  • Attendees will receive reusable drink tokens to redeem their beverages and all beverages provided will be served in compostable cups.
  • Table hosts are asked to bring reusable or BPI-certified compostable plates, bowls, cups, and serving utensils for their tables. When coordinating the menu please communicate that no Styrofoam or other single use plastics are to be brought to the event. Any purchased food should avoid these materials and have minimal packaging. Please avoid single use plastic waste bottles and encourage tablemates to bring a reusable water bottle that they can fill at the water station.
  • Anticipating leftovers? Attendees are encouraged to bring a reusable storage container from home to take any remaining food items. If you leave home without one, Town of Vail will provide a limited number of durable, reusable to go containers. After the event, wash the container and add it to your collection of Tupperware.
  • If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and you cannot finish your plate, all food waste, including meat, bones, and dairy, can also be disposed of in the compost bin of the Zero Waste tents. Table coverings will be compostable butcher paper and any table decorations brought by table hosts should be reusable rather than single use items.
  • Get creative! Fill a mason jar with garden produce or wildflowers, provide a bowl of Palisade peaches, use gourds and pumpkins as centerpieces, or decorate with natural items such as rocks, branches, and leaves. The goal is to divert all landfill bound waste. Any refuse created at the event should either be compostable or recyclable. Walking Mountains Science Center will be at the event providing education at the zero waste stations and ensuring waste is properly sorted.

Town of Vail appreciates everyone working together to make sure the Vail Social is zero waste and as sustainable as possible.

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